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Radio’s ‘Neera’ was too big for me – Rema

As we remember Mowzey Radio today, different artistes have continued to share some fond memories they had with the singer.

What made Mowzey Radio (RIP) standout in Uganda’s entertainment industry was the fact that he was great as an artiste as much as he was as a songwriter. Almost every time he wrote a song, he always did a demo for it, this made most of the people he wrote songs for sound mediocre when you got the chance to listen to the Demo made by the former Goodlyf artiste.

Perhaps that is why Rema Namakula refused to jump on the ‘Neera’ song when she got the chance. Apparently, Radio wrote the song for Rema Namakula but after she listened to the demo, she turned down the offer to take on the song.

“I believe that what is supposed to be mine will be mine. Yes, I did the chorus at Crouch’s studio but when I listened to the demo, I admitted to Crouch how Radio was a very talented guy and I told him I don’t think I could do this and that we should just leave the song to the original composer because I felt that there was this feeling he had put in the song and how his voice sounded nice on it,” Rema admitted.

She also added that if given time, she would have given it her best but of course time was not enough. When the song was later released, Kenzo’s ex said that she felt relieved.

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