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Parliament clears Shs114 million pledge to Ghetto Kids house

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga pauses for a photo with the Ghetto Kids after handing over the cheque. PHOTOS BY DAVID LUBOWA

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has handed over a Shs114 million cheque to the Ghetto Kids, in fulfilment of a pledge MPs made last December

During Parliament’s end of year party last year, Kadaga asked Members of Parliament to contribute at least Shs250,000 each, towards the Ghetto Kids house. 

“On December 19, 2019, the ghetto kids were amidst us and performing so MPs pledged to contribute on learning that the ghetto kids were on the verge of losing their residence,” says Jane Kibirige the clerk to Parliament. 

Ghetto Kids and Journalists in the Speaker’s Boardroom. PHOTO BY DAVID LUBOWA

Kibirige notes that the MPs raised a toral of Shs114,250,000, of which Shs100 million will go towards clearing the landlord, while Shs14,250,000 is meant for the ghetto Kids welfare. 

“We didn’t know who was who, we had to investigate who the landlord is so as to give him the money in the presence of the beneficiaries,” she added.

Moreso, Kadaga notes that it was disturbing when naysayers claimed Parliament had failed to fulfil their pledge

“Those who were saying that parliament had failed to deliver, it was rather a disturbing comment. First of all, we made the pledge at the end of the year and we had to organise ourselves in January to collect that money,” she says. 

The cheque was handed to them in the presence of their landlord Mr Manisul Ssekatawa.

Patricia Nabakooza, the Ghetto Kids spokesperson says, “We have inexplainable gratitude we feel towards the Speaker and the Parliament at large. We made a call and the speaker fundraised so as we don’t lose our residence.” 

“We pledge to parliament and Ugandans at large that we shall continue to raise our flag high. We thank the 10th parliament,” she added. 

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