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Pallaso wanted to fight South African thieves – Comedian Madrat

Pallaso (L), Chiko (M) and Madrat (R) before their deputure to South Africa on 12th February 2019

It turns out that the attack on Singer Pallaso that had been termed as Xenophobic wasn’t that but rather an attack by thieves in South Africa. Comedian Madrat, the other half of comedy duo Madrat and Chiko exclusively told Sqoop that Pallaso traveled with them (Madrat and Chiko) to South Africa for a show but he extended his stay to shoot a video for one of his songs.

Madrat and Chiko returned to Uganda a few days ago. The two say they contacted someone in South Africa, who said that Pallaso was driving in a Mercedes Benz with some of his friends when they decided to branch off to get some drinks and a smoke

The singer who was in the company of his friends parked in one of the ghettos of South Africa. Because they were dressed smartly in expensive attires, they were attacked by goons. Pallaso immediately picked a fight with them. This attracted another huge number that attacked them by smashing the car windows and chasing after Pallaso.

It was when he decided to run for his dear life and entered and nearby school that it’s security officers came to his rescue.

Pallaso has since posted pictures of himself on a sickbed with his arm wrapped in band-aid and plasters and an admission letter though he doesn’t clearly state which hospital he is in. Some people have come out to say Pallaso is pulling a publicity stunt given that his explanation of what exactly transpired is not very clear.

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