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My first kiss was with Angelina Jolie- Timothy Nyanzi

Timothy Nyanzi

Most Ugandans may not know Timothy Nyanzi, but he is a big deal in Uganda’s comedy fraternity. He has contributed so much to the industry that most comedians respect him. He’s a writer, creative that has offered comedy mentorship. Isaac Ssejjombwe catches up with him.

Tell us more about Timothy Nyanzi…

I’ve been doing comedy for 6 years, started out with The Punchliners. Run the Kubby’s Open Mic Night, Funny Tuesday and More Coffee More Comedy. I’ve performed on The Comedy Black Friday, Kampala Comedy Festival and at the Kigali International Comedy Festival. Featured at The Bayimba Festival of The Arts as well as Comedy Club Live In Kampala (M-Net). Just got done with Who Let The Jokes Out.

First thing you do in the morning…

Lay my bed such that I don’t go back into it.

First thing you do when you get to work

Plan for the day. Look in my diary and decide what I’m going to do and at what time. It’s always important to plan for the day.

Earliest childhood memory…

My mum telling me “Don’t you see so and so’s kids” yet their parents used to tell them to be like me.

First best friend

Kirungi Barnabas. I remember I used to torment him in pool table.

First kiss

I do not kiss and tell but it was with Angelina Jolie. That’s what she used to call herself.

First book you read…

I don’t remember the title but it was one of those primary school storybooks about how sharp the hare was.

First job..

I was a Data entrant in my Senior Four vacation but I’ve forgotten the name of the company. It was in Makindye Lukuli Nanganda.

First salary

We were paid a plate of food as our salary. We were told we were gaining experience.

Current job…

Purchasing Manager at Golf Course Hotel.

What do you like about your job…

The WiFi (Just joking). I love interacting with suppliers.

Most memorable experience.

Performing at The Goliath Comedy Club (SA) in 2016. It was so special because it was at the time the biggest comedy club in South Africa and then I got to perform in the 20 in 5. This was a selection of the best 20 comedians performing for 5 minutes. I was among the cream de la cream

Biggest regret in life…

Not furthering my fine art skills. Da Vinci had nothing on me except Italian parents.

Best advice…

You miss 100 per cent of the shots you don’t take. Michael Jordan on basketball and I think sliding into DMs.

About Timothy Nyanzi

Timothy Nyanzi is one name many comedians will mention as they speak about their humble beginnings. From Okello Okello of the comedy night, Black Friday, Dr Hillary Okello, Madrat and Chiko, his name will be mentioned more than once.

He has given many a platform on top of encouraging and guiding them.

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