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Men’s conference, are you in?

So Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

Initially, this day is a feast day for all Valentinas and Valentinos, how lovers took it and turned into a matter of red petals, it is such a long story.

One of the stories is that Valentine is a saint that was killed for love, which lovers or those looking for it found reason enough to claim the day.

Valentine’s Day has in the past few years been a source of ridicule and in the age of memes, oh boy, this day has given us so many.

It was in these days of the internet that the so called Men’s Conference became a deal; people would post excuses of how they were not making it for Valentine’s Day dates because they were busy attending a very important gathering.

What I did not know was a fact that the meme and joke eventually became a reality.

Now, I don’t want to pretend like I know what goes on these gatherings, in fact, I want to imagine they were all started for a good cause, especially with a fact that one of the many of such conferences in the world has been organised by pastors.

I don’t believe they would be putting together an event to help men stay away from their wives, especially on a day they hijacked.

Whether it is taken out of context, the men’s conference is happening in Nairobi for a good cause, they will be talking to men about emotion and all those kind of things men are not allowed to show.

The men’s conference on Facebook though, is a complicated situation, for instance, there was that meme suggesting men without a beard will not be allowed to speak at the conference, while in the wake of Kobe Bryant’s death, there was post going around suggesting people that men that did not know him should not be invited.

Then I heard there was a men’s conference organised by women, I can only imagine what they were learning at such a conference. Anyway, I have been seeing a lot of posts talking about the Ugandan version, they will chase me that use straws for beer… technically all doctors.

Either way, Men’s Conference, whether it is real or fiction, could be one of those things that help people forget January and February are really brothers. I don’t care if it is happening or not, in my head, I will go for it, after all half my relationships also took place in my head.

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