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Let Rema and Hamza enjoy their moment- Halima Namakula

Hamza gifts Rema during the show. Photo by Michael Kakumirizi

Singer Rema Namakula has faced a backlash on social media after she interrupted her husband’s media interview at the end of her show on valentine’s day.

In a video circulating on social media, Rema is seen telling journalists politely to stop interviewing her husband as they had to go home.

The journalists from ‘Wokoloso’ are seen pleading with her to allow Mr Hamza Sebunya to say something before they can let him go, but Rema tells them to pardon him as he is tired.
“Bambi mumuleke, akooye. We need to go home,” she says.

Sebunya is finally allowed to say a word of thanks to fans. “Thank you for supporting us and for making this show a success.”

As much as it was a polite gesture, most of Rema’s fans concluded that Rema was just being controlling and not allowing Sebunya to be the man in their relationship.

However, her mentor-turned ‘mum’ Halima Namakula has urged the public to let the couple be.

In an interview with Spark TV, Namakula said Rema and Hamza are still fresh in love and should be allowed to do what makes them happy.

“A man is the one who leads the home, not the woman. We just want to see that he comes to attend shows and enjoy without being asked questions or without being invaded by journalists. Some things happen in the heat of the moment. I think we need to move on and talk about other people,” she said.

“Rema is not that old. She is still young and in love. Let her be happy. Right now, there are things she has not yet known. Even Doctor is not that old, they will learn along the way. They are not showing off, they just love each other,” she added.

Moreso, Namakula asked everyone to mind their own and leave Rema to enjoy her relationship. “Rema is a very free person. I know people misinterpreted it because we come from different backgrounds, but let us leave Rema to be happy and enjoy her moment.”

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