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Judith Heard denied Thai Visa, cries out for help

It’s been a while since Judith Heard last appeared in the news and 2020 has started with her crying for help concerning the Thai embassy. According to Judith Heard, the Thai consulate in Uganda known as Barbara Mulwana should be dealt with for misconduct.

The model was supposed to attend a friend’s wedding anniversary but was denied a Visa by the consulate under unclear circumstances. Judith Heard also accused Mulwana of being arrogant and disrespectful to the Ugandan Visa applicants.

“This woman has turned the office of the Thai Honorary Consulate into her vendetta business. She is no longer issuing Visas on merit – She even bragged to her receptionist that if someone isn’t in my good book – No Visa! Today she denied everyone who applied for the Visa (15 People) just because they were going to a party in Thailand,” Judith Heard narrated to a presenter in a phone interview.

Heard, further said that Mulwana closed the office noting that she would be returning on the 10th of February 2020 indicating that for those who want Thai visas urgently, have to wait until she returns.

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