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I spend Shs2,000 on my hair- Levixone



Simple. As most celebrities spend a lot on their hair and beard, gospel artiste Levixone, real names Sam Lucus Lubyogo, does it the ordinary way. He cuts and trims his hair in Kosovo and spends just Shs2,000. That aside, his fashion style just like his music is remarkable

What style defines you?
I’m a casual kind of guy. I like tie and dye pants, oversized Shirts and slightly damaged jeans plus sneakers and moccasins.

When did you decide to dress like this?
The moment I turned 18 years. By that time I knew I was in control of my dressing. I felt comfortable dressing like that.

Do you dress to please yourself or to impress people?
Of course I dress to please myself. You have to always put yourself first before anyone else.

How often do you go shopping?
I mostly shop when am travelling but whenever I come across something that interests me, I buy it. So my shopping doesn’t have a specific period.

Where do you shop from and how much do you spend?
When I’m around, I do most of my shopping downtown. The amount I spend is also not definite.

What fragrance do you use?
I use Mercedes Benz but I also use others as well which are mostly given to me as gifts.

Why the Mercedes Benz?
They are always gifts. I don’t remember the last time I bought myself a perfume.

What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe and how much is it?
I have many items that I bought expensively but the item I love the most are some loafer shoes that I bought at Shs150,000. I can wear them any day.

And the cheapest?
Boxers, but I’m not going to tell you how much I buy them.

What fashion trend do you hate and why?
I don’t have. I’m not the kind who despises people’s dressing. I believe everyone dresses the way they are comfortable with.

What can’t you leave home without?
Of course my phone. I can leave anything including shoes but not my phone.

How many suits do you own?
I have 20 suits. All in different colours. Since I’m a casual person, you can’t expect me to go to a wedding dressed in jeans. That is when the suits come in handy.

Buggy or fitting clothes?
Both. I like fitting pants and buggy t-shirts. I want my upper body to be free while fitting pants is the trend these days.

How much do you spend on your hair and beard?
It’s always a free cut at Posh Junction and Downtown in Kosovo. I spend shs2,000 on both.

Are you a gym person?
No I’m not a gym person but I do simple workouts like press-ups, among others.

What are your eating habits?
I’m not a foody person, but I drink a lot. I eat two meals a day and I’m a local food person. Give me matooke, rice, irish and pumpkin any day.

Levixone in brief
Known for songs Noonya Omu, Samanya, Turn the Replay and Chikibombe, urban gospel artiste Sam Lucus Lubyogo alias Levixone is the first born of 10 children although he does not share a father with his nine siblings.

He grew up with his mother and stepfather in Kosovo, Lungujja. Levixone attended St. Joseph Mapeera Primary School in Lusaze from P.1 to P.5, but he dropped out when his stepfather refused to pay for his education. He later ran away from home and met Ticki Tah, Crystal Fabulous and Mac Elvis, who played a major role in his career as a musician.

Levixone came across ‘Fields Of Life’, a non-denominational Christian International Development organisation, that helped to pay for his primary and secondary school education.

Levixone is one of the most celebrated local gospel artistes that continues to grace even mainstream platforms.

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