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Harvey Weinstein guilty verdict marks ‘new era of justice’ Time’s Up speaks out

Former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein

The former Hollywood producer was found guilty rape in the third degree and criminal sexual act in the first degree, a jury announced Monday after coming to a verdict. Harvey Weinstein, after a two-year trial, was found not guilty on two counts of predatory sexual assault and one count of rape in the first degree.

Weinstein, who has denied all claims of non-consensual sex, was convicted of third degree rape of Jessica Mann. The 67-year-old was also convicted on a count of criminal sexual act in the first degree of Mimi Haleyi.

The partial conviction of Weinstein on sex crime charges “marks a new era of justice,” the Time’s Up foundation that formed in the aftermath of the producer’s downfall said Monday.

“The jury’s verdict sends a powerful message to the world,” the foundation said in a statement.

“While we celebrate this historic moment, our fight to fix the broken system that has allowed serial abusers like Harvey Weinstein to abuse women in the first place continues. Abusers everywhere and the powerful forces that protect them should be on notice: There’s no going back.”

Women changed ‘course of history’ with Weinstein sex crimes trial: top prosecutor

Manhattan’s top prosecutor Cyrus Vance praised the women who testified against Harvey Weinstein convicted Monday on two charges of sexual assault and rape for changing “the course of history” in prosecuting sex crimes.

“This is the new landscape for sexual violence survivors, it is a new day,” Vance told reporters outside the New York courthouse where a 12-person jury found Weinstein guilty of sexual assault while clearing him on the most serious predatory charges.

“Rape is rape,” he said. “It’s rape even if there is no physical evidence, and even if it happened a long time ago.”

Harvey Weinstein in custody until sentencing

A Manhattan judge ordered Harvey Weinstein to remain in custody until his sentencing, scheduled for March 11, on a guilty conviction for sexual assault and rape.

Judge James Burke denied a defense request that the disgraced film producer remain out on bail for health reasons, but said he would ask that Weinstein be held in an infirmary unit.

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