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Flavia, Big Tril, when social media users chose to gossip about people 

A Photo Montage of Flavia (L) and Big Tril (R).

What is trending on your timeline? As you prepare to let us know, allow us to let you in on what has been trending on ours. 

The other day, NTV news anchor Flavia Tumusiime turned up on set without her wedding rings. Considering she is pregnant, one would understand that her fingers are probably expanding, and so the rings were a little uncomfortable for her that day. 

But well, not everyone thinks that way. Some bloggers were quick to conclude that her marriage is on the rocks.  

Ugandans on the timeline were also quick to notice that, that day she did not introduce herself as Flavia Tumusiime Kabuura. Hence, they alleged that Mr Kabuura had cheated on her and so she had chosen to dump everything that reminded her of him; the rings and the name. 

A one @Miiriosis_UG tweeted, “Who even cheats on Flavia Tumusiime who…? For real Andrew Kabuura if it’s true am so disappointed. And I know somewhere in the corner @IamApass ali busy aseeka.” 

They also noticed that she had deleted all photos with her spouse from her Instagram. 

Galaxy FM tweeted, “TROUBLE IN PARADISE? Soupy NTV News Anchor Flavia Tumusiime Pics With Hubby Andrew Kabura Go Missing On Instagram And She’s Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring.” 

“If they can cheat on Zari Hassan and Cardi B, who is Flavia Tumusiime,  temuddamu tuwogganira,” Natasha Lailah commented. 

Guys, it is a very long thread about Flavia that we can not get you all the details. But then there was Big Tril. 

Now the war with Big Tril started from here. A number of his fans have pressured him to do more music after his hit song Parte after Parte. But he said he is allergic to mediocre music and so will not rush into doing another song. Now, that must have hurt his fans so much. In fact, it split them along three lines. 

Those that stood with Big Tril and said people who do not buy music have no right to pressure him to release another song. Those who do not buy music, but download it free from Howwe and then the honest ones who acknowledged that they did not know Big Tril until Parte after Parte. 

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