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Don’t crucify Rema for asking me to go home- Hamza 

Dr Hamza Sebunya, the husband to singer Rema Namakula has finally spoken out about the incident in which his wife interrupted his interview with journalists last Friday. 

In an interview with Spark TV yesterday, Sebunya said his wife understands that he does not like media interviews and so she was doing the right thing. 

“Don’t crucify Rema. There was nothing wrong with what she did, but if her actions hurt anyone, we apologise for that,” he said. 

“We usually joke around, but people have interpreted the incident in their own ways. They are saying she is disrespectful, but she is not that kind of person,” he added. 

Sebunya noted that his wife is a very respectful woman who cares for everyone, regardless of their age. 

“My wife and I have no problem with anyone. But if you were hurt, please forgive us. I do not like speaking to the media. Today I spoke because we were on a good cause.” 

In affirmation, Rema added that she would never disrespect her husband, for he has brought light into her world. 

“You people do not know this man. He made me see the world differently. How would I start to disrespect him? He is my everything. I would never tread him for anything in this world. I just can’t.”

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