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David Lutalo yet again proves he’s the King of January

David Lutalo performing at his ‘Tugende’ Concert last night. Photo by Michael Kakumirizi

You know all is well when you see a manager dancing to his artiste’s songs, and laughing with revellers when the concert is going on. That was what Ivan, David Lutalo’s manager was doing last evening at Africana when his artiste was having his Centenary bank-sponsored ‘Tugende’ concert.

Manager Ivan enjoying the moment with some revellers. Photo by Michael Kakumirizi

For the past couple of years, Luatlo’s concerts have all been sold to KT Events but this time around the singer and the manager decided to take matters in their own hands and going by manager Ivan’s reactions, they were both happy with the attendance as well as the finances.

Jose Chameleone also passed by to support a brother. Photo by Michael Kakumirizi

Africana played out to be the perfect place for this concert. First, the earlier downpour didn’t do any harm for the hundreds who started making queues to the event as early as 3 pm and performances kicked off at 5 pm with mostly upcoming artistes.

This must have been during Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s performance. Photo by Michael Kakumirizi

By 8 pm, artistes such as Chance Nalubega and Fresh Kid were done performing, leaving the stage to more renowned ones. At 9 pm, the house was already full with the organizers contemplating on closing the gates.

Told you so! Pastor Bugember put revellers in the praise worship mood. Photo by Michael Kakumirizi

John Blaq, Maro, Karole Kasita, and Grenade were the last batch of artistes before David Lutalo’s band was called on stage. At around 9:30 pm, Lutalo stepped on stage amidst screams and excitement that swamped Africana. The man of the moment kicked off his one-and-a-half hours’ performance with ‘Kapapala’ and following it off with ‘Kwasa’, ‘Yamba’, ‘Manya’, and ‘Akantu’. All these and more in his first session.

Hajji Haruna Mubiru and Mesach Semakula at the do. Mesach Semakula

At 11 pm, the 30-year-old went for a break and back-to-back, the crowd received entertainment from Eddy Yawe who also sampled his brothers ‘Tuliyambala engule’ before he was warned to keep politics away from the concert, Mathias Walukagga, Pr Wilson Bugembe, Mesach Semakula, Eddy Kenzo and Jose Chameleone before Lutalo returned for his last session that lasted for only 30 minutes in which he performed ‘Eat Zote’, ‘Ensi’, ‘Ayi mukama’, ‘Gunsitula’, ‘Wololo’ and the title track of the concert ‘Tugende’ which he performed last five minutes to midnight.

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