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King Saha goes bare knuckles on Bebe Cool

Every time Bebe Cool makes his annual list, an artiste whether on or off comes out and either censures it or approves it. This time round, it’s King Saha who has openly aired out his dissatisfaction about the Gagamel CEO.

In his review of the industry last year, Bebe Cool noted that King Saha despite appearing on the list with only ‘Hello hello’, passed with a warning.

That aside, Bebe also stated that King Saha should stay away from drugs if he is to have a responsible life adding that the Mulilwana artiste is heavily involved in using drugs.

“I don’t want us to organise a Car Wash for King Saha, he is drowning in drugs. They are taking his life because his body shape and appearance can tell. We are not ready to organise a Car Wash for someone who has a talent and a great voice but he is mishandling it because of drugs,” Bebe Cool said recently.

This, however, did not go well with Saha who took to social media to express his annoyance over Bebe’s remarks. He was also heard saying the same over radio as he appeared for interviews, calling the former all sorts of names.

In one of the interviews, he said Bebe Cool should instead concentrate on getting money from state house and leave issues of music alone.

“Someone who has never won any sensible international music award like BET or Grammy award or inspired anybody has no moral authority to tell people what to do in Music. If he has nothing to do he should use that time to go to State House to beg free money than coming up with meaningless list,” Saha said.

For the last 20 years in your music career, you have never had any international concert of your own or nominated in BET Awards and you start judging musicians? I just don’t get it. You age mates are involving themselves in sensitive matters and you are busy coming up with Music lists. Develop some common sense bro,” he added.

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