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Why Salvado admires Bebe Cool




Gearing up for his Africa laughs show happening on Valentine’s Day, comedian Salvado has teamed up with the musician to give back to the needy.

Salvado announced that proceeds from his show will be going towards charity notably Hope of Hope in Jinja but because Bebe Cool has also been doing the same for the past couple of years, Salvado found it appropriate to team up with him through the Amber Heart foundation which Bebe started to help children with heart complications and later to create awareness about Tuberculosis.

With this partnership, Salvado has come out and commended Bebe for having a big heart.

“A lot has been said about you, but one thing I really admire and love about you is your big heart. You’ve never failed to support those in need. I’m proud to say that Africa Laughs 5 has partnered with Moses Bebe Cool through the Amber Heart Foundation to support those who are less abled and majorly spread the news about how to fight the deadly TB disease. I will do my best to support this cause,” he said.

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