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Western Uganda artistes warn Kampala artistes on performing on their soil

(L-R) Artistes King Michael, Bebe Cool and Catherine Kusasira attending an NRM event.

Artistes from the Western part of Uganda to be specific Mbarara, have asked artistes from Kampala to let them be and never perform in Mbarara again. This comes after they have learnt about Kampala artistes like Bebe Cool, Catherine Kusasira, Buchaman, King Michael and  Full Figure among others being in the plan to perform at all President Museveni’s campaigns to be held in Western Uganda.

The artistes feel disrespected when artistes from Kampala to take over performances not only for the campaigns but all shows that are held that side but also other shows in Kampala. According to Easy Man, a singer based in Mbarara, when Kampala artistes have concerts in Mbarara, they make us look like their puppets, they perform last, they want us to work under their orders and make us feel like we are not artistes yet we are in our home area.

Easy man went on and said that Western artistes are capable of performing without Kampala artistes and how do you tell him to pass through Bebe Cool or Kusasira to perform for the president.

“These artistes you see are not mad but rather have issues that are hurting them, when artistes from Kampala, they don’t give them respect, they chase them off the stage because they think they are the only artistes in the country. That’s why they are so angry and have asked Kampala artistes not to sing on any concert in Mbarara unless they have been permitted. ” One of the guys who was in the meeting with the artistes explained.  They went on and asked promoters to think of the artistes in the areas where they are organizing concerts because they are artistes and want to make it like other artistes have.

The Western Ugandan artistes mentioned Bebe cool, Catherine Kusasira, Full Figure, King Micheal and Buchaman as the artiste that should stay away from the rallies. They said that they were actually ok with Bobi wine coming to perform in Mbarara.

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