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We can even do daily shows for a month – Fun factory

Being in the comedy industry for over ten years is not a mistake for Fun factory. They have done and seen it all but they perhaps had one more thing to attempt before the last year ended. The comedians did something that would have turned suicidal by holding a daily show for seven days in December.

Remember December is quite a busy month when it comes to events especially the last week but the comedy group managed to sell-out all the seven shows and this became another record that they will hold for a long time.

When we contacted one of the directors Hannington Bugingo on why they would risk on such a move, he said, they can even do it for a month because no one in the group is there by mistake. “We do this because we love it. We are skilled and have all the content. We are risk-takers who are also believers,” he said.

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