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Video: MC Kats checks self into Butabika hospital

Mc Kats

Ever since celebrated TV personality and socialite Edwin Katamba commonly known as MC Kats travelled to the United Kingdom alongside some of his colleagues such as DJ Slick Stuart, Roja, Grenade, Fik Fameica and A Pass, for a music show, his life has never been the same.

His woes started when his wife Fille’s music producer Side Soft claimed that MC Kats was a poor man and he was neglected by his father since childhood. Side Soft also accused MC Kats of attempted murder noting that he had a serious mental problem and he urgently needed help.

”Kats is mentally unstable. That’s why he always behaves like a mad person. People close to him know about his mental sickness,” Side Soft claimed in an interview. Since then MC Kats has been trying to prove to the world that he is a rich man in addition to being mentally stable.

However, when he returned from the UK, he made a shocking revelation that he had been living with HIV/AIDs for about eight years. He further said he checked in a hospital in London for mental disorder tests but nothing was detected before he was discharged.

However, ever since he returned to Uganda, he has been acting what most of his friends described as “weird” and this has made many doubt his mental stability. One day, he said he talks to God directly and only does what He commands him to do.

At his recently concluded second edition of King of the Mic, he gave out plots of land and cars to different people but we are yet to confirm whether he delivered on his promises. On Sunday morning, however, MC Kats recorded a video of himself standing next to an ambulance.

Most of his friends contacted by this publication said he had checked himself into a hospital after several of his followers said he was mentally unstable. He reportedly threatened flee the hospital if anyone tried to apply force on him.

A few moments later, the MC recorded another video saying he had reached the hospital and he would spend there for three days.

“I have reached here and I will be here for three days but if I get tired, I will leave immediately. I will not be forced to do what I don’t want because I am not stupid. I am not mad but I will be a mad man if they force me to do anything,” he said.

A close friend confirmed to Sqoop that MC Kats had indeed checked himself into Butabika Hospital and will be there for a few days or even a month depending on his condition.

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