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The memories that will not go away

Mowzey Radio (R.I.P)

NEVER FORGOTTEN: Tomorrow will be exactly two years since Uganda lost a star, a legend. And even though time goes by, the memory of Mowzey Radio will not leave us that easily.  For his fans, he left music that will live on for generations but there are people with whom he shared moments and memories that will stick with them, writes Isaac Ssejjombwe.



So many memories

I have so many memories with my brother Radio. From studio to the trips we had and our moments on stage, but one of the memories that stand out was when we recorded two hits on the same day. After recording Bread and Butter, we headed back to studio and recorded Where You Are alongside Blu *3. It is something that I will never forget because both songs turned out to be among our best ever.



Pallaso- Artiste

He helped me break out

I met Radio in 2003 when he came to join Leone Island but the first time I realised he had talent was when he performed 2Face’s African Queen at Blue Africa during the Leone Island night that used to happen every Wednesday. We used to compete on who would break out first. When he released Jennifer, I released Mudigidde. We were both struggling at the time. I also remember inviting him to perform during school tours that I used to organise but he will always be a pillar in Uganda’s music industry, especially in my career because the song, Amaaso, which I did with him made me a star.

Emma Carlos – former Goodlyfe manager

He said he trusted me

I have two memorable moments with the late Radio. First was when we were gearing up for the 10 years of Radio and Weasel at Cricket Oval and some sponsors had promised us 25 billboards but when Radio saw the first one that was mounted in Nsambya, he was so excited. I do not know why but perhaps because it was their comeback. The second was during the time we were driving to his site in Entebbe. I was with him and his brother Frank and he told me that he trusted me with his career and how we needed to work for a great future. “I trust your efforts, I trust your works and I trust you, so we have to start work.”

Eli Arkhis-Producer

He was a calm guy

Being a producer, all my fondest memories with Radio were in studio. I consider every time we shared special because he was unique. I remember every time we recorded he would tell me to capture a certain key, then tell me to blend in some old touch and then leave the rest to me. Contrary to what people have been perceiving about his behaviour, Mowzey Radio was the calmest guy I have ever come in contact with.

Spice Diana

Spice Diana

He was very happy at my grad

My fondest memory of Radio was during my graduation party. He was so happy that day as though he was the one graduating. He was all over the place, talking to everyone, giving speeches and also performing. It was also on that day that he reconciled with Eddy Kenzo with whom they had not been seeing eye to eye. Kenzo was also part of the invited guests. The mood he was in was exactly what he carried during the video shoot for our Kyuma song. It is unfortunate that he died a few days later.

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