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The craziest things you can bet on over the internet

When you visit Betway Uganda, you’re greeted by many sports you can bet on. Obviously, the most popular is football – after all, this is the sport with the biggest fan base, teams in every country, and major tournaments each year. But sports are not the only things you can bet on. In recent years, many online betting outlets have added more… let’s just say “unconventional” options to their outlets. After all, not everybody is interested in sports, right? Reality shows, major social events and similar options have become quite the routine options to be bet on at various bookmakers. Let’s see some of the most interesting and crazy ones we can find.

BBC Sports Personality of the Year
The “BBC Sports Personality of the Year” is an awards ceremony held each December by the British public television to reward, well, the sports personality of the year. It was invented by a television executive in 1954 and it has been held every year ever since. The awards are given out in several categories. Last year’s “Sports Personality of the Year” was awarded to Ben Stokes, the vice-captain of the English cricket Test team, Formula One pilot Lewis Hamilton, and Dina Asher-Smith, the fastest British woman in history. This year… well, the year is still young, and there is a lot of waiting time left until the award is offered again this December. Until then, you can already bet on the contenders for this year’s ceremony. Once again, Dina Asher-Smith, the fastest British woman, has the best odds to be awarded – but there’s a lot of time still left until that!

Odds in Space
Space is one of the topics that keeps many of us sitting at the edge of our seats. After all, its space – we are seeing so many of our childhood sci-fi fantasies come true in our day and age, right? No wonder bookmakers are cashing in on it, too. A major British betting group has a subsection of specials dedicated to space. Among others, punters can bet on whether the next human to step on the Moon will be a woman (and whether the first human to step on the surface of Mars will be), and when humans will step on the surface of Mars.

The next James Bond
There have been 24 James Bond movies so far (and the next one is coming out this year) with six actors in the title role. Daniel Craig announced that he is putting down the tuxedo after five films, so the rumours are once again starting to fly about who the next actor to take on the role will be. Among the most likely contenders, we find actors like James Norton, Sam Heughan, and Tom Hiddleston, along with names like Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, even Chris Hemsworth (although it would be really weird to see Thor in a tuxedo). The list is long with quite a few surprising names among the least likely options, though: Rowan Atkinson, footballer David Beckham, and even British MP and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Admittedly, his odds of even being considered for the role of James Bond are 500 to 1.

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