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‘Stop abusing drugs’- Kato Lubwama tells King Saha 

A photo montage of MP Kato Lubwama (L) and King Saha (R)

Lubaga South member of parliament, Kato Lubwama has advised local artist, King Saha, to reduce on his intake of narcotics if the allegations that he is an addict are true. 

While releasing his list of best performing artists at the end of 2019, singer Bebe Cool alleged that King Saha is heavily involved in using drugs. He also urged him to stay away from drugs if he is to have a responsible life. 

While the message could have been in good faith, King Saha did not take it that way. He has since called Bebe Cool all sorts of names. Notably, in an interview with a local radio station, King Saha said that “Someone who has never won any sensible international music award like BET or Grammy award or inspired anybody has no moral authority to tell people what to do in Music.” 

As such, Kato Lubwama in an interview with Spark TV sent out a message to King Saha. He said King Saha should know that Bebe Cool and all the people concerned about his ‘substance abuse’ do not hate him but instead want the best for him. 

If he smokes weed and people tell him about it, let him reduce… because we shall lose King Saha if he does not change. He is one of the best musicians we have in this country. We lost Mowzey Radio, we do not want to lose another good artist,” he said. 

Lubwama added that he would make a phone call to King Saha to speak to him about the issue. 

“We love him and we are simply trying to help him overcome his problem. We can see the effects the drugs are having on him, he has started to look bad. We shall not wait for him to die before we can say something about it.” 

“I do not have proof that he takes drugs, but if he does, we are calling upon him to reduce because we love him. King Saha, we love you and we do not want to lose you.” 

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