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Singer Cindy to revive Clever J’s music career

Clever J was a household name on the Ugandan music scene back in 2006/2007. Firstly because of his hit songs such as ‘Ensi yaleta’, ‘Aisha’ and ‘Manzi wanani’ among others and because of the rumors that he was related with Jose Chameleone because of the small resemblance in the voices.

After a few hit songs, his voice slowly went silent and the singer himself disappeared mysteriously from the music scene. The next thing we heard was that he had relocated to South Sudan where he continued with his music career. He then resurfaced during Eddy Kenzo’s September 2016 concert only to disappear as fast as he had come

Cameras only recently caught him making bricks in Buloba, on the outskirts of Kampala. It was discovered that the artiste had all along been bricklaying for a living but according to his wife a one Sharon Apolot, the ‘Manzi Wa Nani’ singer has been battling drug addiction, has now resorted to brick laying.

When the news got to Cindy, she decided to step up and offer Clever J a platform that might resurrect his career. The former Blu *3 artiste still considers Clever J a big artiste and for that case, he will be performing at her upcoming concert dubbed Boomparty slated to take place at cricket Oval.

“Clever J is a big artiste according to me. He had big hits back in the day and to see artistes in his caliber suffering really hurts me. When I heard that he had lost it and no longer doing music, I was disappointed. When I got the chance to give him the platform that he deserves, I couldn’t hold back. He’s one artiste I want to appear on the stage because of the respect I have for him.” Cindy stated.

She also added that it’s every artiste’s responsibility to help artistes who are going through a hard time and that they shouldn’t only come to help when they are dead.


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