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Sheebah tells inspiration behind her sanitary pads business

Sheebah Karungi has continued to show her business sense besides earning from just music. Besides the Hair business (Sheebah by Natna) and a clothing line business, Sheebah last year embarked on a sanitary pad business and earlier this week, she confirmed her sanitary pads company known as Holic Sanitary Pads.

According to the Sheebah, the Sanitary Pads Company will mainly empower women. “My company will hire 80% of qualified women once our headquarters open up. I want to change lives and show the world that we have qualified women who can do the same things as men but don’t get the opportunities to” Sheebah said. She went on and said that she wants to empower everyone because the business is not about making money but to also provide different opportunities to different women and also to raise awareness.

Talking about what inspired her to ignore the other businesses and settle for the Sanitary Pads is the while she was leaving with her mother, a single mother, pads were never in their budget as her mother used to cut out pieces of clothes for her to use as pads. The lesson she learnt from that is the discomfort that came with using the piece of clothing and now, she doesn’t want to see any girl going through the same and that was the reason she made the Holics Pads.

The Team No Sleep diva has always identified as a feminist who always fights for what women believe in and four years ago, Sheebah came up with this brilliant idea to support the female gender. She is taking on this new journey with her best friend, Shamim who will be acting as her partner and M.D.

She hopes to use what she has right now to change the world. This is not the first business the singer is venturing into as she already has a hair and clothing line.


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