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Ronald Mayinja launches peace NGO, to organise ‘legal’ concerts

Ronald Mayinja

Singer Ronald Mayinja has launched an NGO named ‘Peace for all, All for peace’. He says the organisation is meant to restore peace and co-existence among Ugandans. 

“We have five core values so far. One of them is to make a nationwide tour with a view of sensitizing Ugandans on the importance of peace and unity. We are also going to compose music in different languages for the same cause,” he said during a press conference today. 

Mayinja says he and his team will move across the country to popularise it.

“We are going to organise legal concerts with permission from the Police. We are going to promote mutual respect. For one another regardless of political affiliations, religion, tribe, because we are all one as Ugandans.”

 Additionally, condemned Police actions of blocking Bobi Wine’s musical concerts, saying it is his right. But he declined to comment on Bobi’s current political troubles.

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