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People on social media are illiterate and bitter- Angella Katatumba 

Angela Katatumba

Angela Katatumba

Singer Angella Katatumba has hit at Ugandans on social media after they criticised her for turning the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant a pity party for herself.

In an interview with Spark TV, Katatumba said she understands that people on social media are bitter because of their situation and was not shocked they reacted that way. 

“It is important to note when dealing with social media, unfortunately, that the majority of people on social media are illiterate, unemployed, jealousy, bitter, angry, full of rage because of their situation. Because they are not doing well, they are so angry. So whatever you do, they have to abuse you,” she said. 

Upon learning about the death of Kobe, Angella Katatumba took to her social media platforms to express her grief and pay tribute to the NBA star. 

In her tribute, she revealed that she started loving the former Los Angeles Lakers star who retired in 2016 when father in law tipped her off that her ex-husband resembled Kobe.

Her fans and other social media users, however, ganged up against her for using the moment to seek attention. Truth is, Katatumba had been out of the media since the Chicken tonight Kabalagala incident when she had an altercation with the staff there in the middle of the night. 

In the interview with Spark TV, Katatumba said she was only speaking her truth about the fallen NBA star. 

“I want to make it categorically clear. I have never met Kobe, I do not know Kobe, I do not follow basketball. All I know and what is my truth about Kobe Bryant is my ex-husband’s father and his family always said Alonzo always looked like Kobe. Alonzo’s father said that all the time and that is how I picked interest in Kobe. It is just a fact and that is my truth,” she said. 

She further added that she was shocked that fans had ganged up against her for speaking her truth. 

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