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Musician arrested for snubbing New-Year concert in Kitgum

Police in Kitgum district is holding musician Roy Pimungu, known by his stage name Lil Roy, for failing to perform at a concert on January 1.

Lil Roy had been booked to perform at Bomah hotel in Kitgum municipality on New Year’s Day where hundreds of revellers had gathered to watch him as they ushered in the New Year.

The event organizer Jackeline Oyella says she booked the musician because he severally mentioned the year 2020 in his songs, nearly a decade ago, adding that having him on that day made business sense. Oyella says she had made a down payment of 550,000 Shillings for Lil Roy’s performance and transport to Bomah hotel.

Although Lil Roy was in Kitgum earlier in the day, where he also attended a radio talk show, he reportedly excused himself to perform first at another event in Acholi Bur Trading Centre in Pader district. However, he never returned to Bomah hotel.

According to Oyella, Lil Roy’s failure to turn up for the show nearly caused a strike at the venue after revellers started demanding a refund of their money prompting her to spend additional money on the deployment of security.

She is now demanding a compensation of two million shillings from the artist to help her recover the the money she used in hiring the venue, music system and back up performing artists.

The Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson jimmy Patrick Okema confirmed that Lil Roy was arrested from Gulu Municipality and transferred to Kitgum Central Police Station on Sunday. He did not divulge more details about the case.

Sources at Kitgum police station who sought anonymity since they are not mandated to speak to the press say police haven’t recorded Lil Roy’s statement since he was subjected to iron out the matter with the event organizer. The musician is popular for his songs like Pud okoko can, abale and best friend among others.

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