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Miss Curvy, partners with Imbalu dancers for cancer awareness

Miss Curvy CEO Anne Mungoma

Miss Curvy Uganda, the organizer of the Miss Curvy Uganda beauty pageant says they expect president Museveni to preside over the launch of cancer awareness campaign in Eastern Uganda mid next month.

In an interview with Sqoop on Wednesday, Anne Mungoma the chief executive officer Miss Curvy Uganda said they have been approached by the World Health Organization (WHO) to partner with organizers of the traditional Gishu circumcision ceremony to raise awareness about cancer in the areas of Bugisu, Sebei, and Teso starting mid-February.

“You are aware that this is an even year and we are launching the imbalu circumcision ceremony in mid-February where president Museveni will be the chief guest. We are also launching the reproductive cancers campaign in Teso, Bugisu and Sebei region,” she said. 

She added that ever since they wound up the 2019 Miss Curvy Beauty Pageant, they have been involved in a number of activities with different international agencies and one of the things they realized is that there is only one non-government organization in Eastern Uganda involved in sensitizing youth, women and men about reproductive system cancers.

“We want to educate people that they need to do regular checkups so that if cancers are detected early, they can be treated. 40 per cent of cancers are preventable and we have partnered with the BLK Hospital from India which will be checking 900 patients every day,” she said.

Last year, the organisation stirred controversy when they announced the first-ever beauty pageant involving women of a fairly larger body complexion compared to the skinny ladies who normally strut cat-walks during beauty pageants and fashion shows.

Ms. Mungoma had to explain to the public that they could not sit back and look at the skinny girls strutting the cat-walk in the name of beauty and yet even the ladies with more curves had the beauty they would like to exhibit to the public.

After several arguments for and against the pageant, the organizers were allowed to carry one with the pageant which saw Belinda Nansasi win the maiden competition to represent Uganda in Ms Curvy Nigeria competition in November where she emerged the first runner up at the end of November.

According to Ms. Mungoma, this year’s pageant will be held in August 


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