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Mc Kats runs to Pr Bugembe, reveals first wife died of HIV


On 11th January 2020, Edwin Katamba a.k.a MC Kats checked himself into Butabika Mental Hospital Rehabilitation Center with the help of close friends who revealed he was to stay there for about three days.

We were however shocked on Friday when a video of MC Kats climbing on top of the roof at the rehab center went viral and rumors started circulating of how he wanted to end his own life.

He was then checked into a rehabilitation center in Bukoto where he escaped from and later appeared in a video with Pastor Wilson Bugembe. He said that he does to want to be be with any of his friends or his mother but rather to stay with Pastor Bugembe since he is the only one he trusts at the moment and is the only one that can not judge him.

“Everyone thinks I am mad, can a mad person escape and find his way to pastor Bugembe’s church?” Mc Kats said in the video. He also said he escaped because he was being fed badly on posho, rice, beans and water yet his mother had paid a huge amount of three million shillings to be taken care of for a month.

Mc Kats claimed that they had take away his ARVS he had acquired from London and now forcing him the mulago medication. Kats still pointed out how they have blocked him from seeing his family. “As a father I need to see my kids but my access has been blocked claiming am mad” he said. He also said his wife Fille had been blocked from seeing every time she came to visit him.

He also vowed never to participate in the UN work as his friends are pressuring him to. “I have been HIV positive for last 9 years but no one has ever come up to medic me now you all wait till UN comes then you pretend to care.” Kats lamented.

According to him, he was being kept in a certain bukoto building with a few other kids under a company called ARS. Kats also promised to deal with a one Nice who deleted all his videos on his social media account and said he will stay with Pastor Bugembe from now on and where ever he goes Pastor Bugembe also goes.

In a one on one interview with Pastor Bugembe  who also his OB from Makerere high during fellowship, Mc Kats reveled that he had been living with the virus for about 14 years and his first wife died of HIV/AIDS.

After finding out he was positive as well, he took ARVS for only three months before he resorted to herbal medicine and septrine since the ARVS were not working well with his body and yet he had to work most of the nights.

He told the pastor that he had not planned to reveal his status but it’s something that just happened and besides he was tired of people back bitting him about being infected. 

Pastor Bugembe has confirmed that he will be living with Mc Kats home until the he finds a lasting solution to his problems.

On top of prayer, Bugembe is also expected to counsel Kats especially having known that the latter can only trust him at the moment. Bugembe will also talk to Kats’ close friends and family members to come up with a solution.

MC Kats went public about his HIV/AIDS status in December 2019 and revealed how he has been living with the virus for several years.

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