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Man takes off with tithe offerings during New Year eve mass at Ggaba

Drama ensued at St. Kalori Lwanga Catholic Church in Ggaba after an unidentified man unscrupulously collected tithe from unsuspecting congregants and took off with it, during New Years’ Eve mass.

At about 11:00pm after the choir led congregants into the last thanksgiving song, in preparation for the final blessing from the main celebrant, the man walked slowly towards the pulpit, disguising amongst the hundreds of people who had stood up to sing songs of praise.

The Choir intensified the praise session that saw them sing a popular Luganda praise church hymn Katonda yebale literally meaning thank you God that congregants got immersed into praises as they celebrated entering into the New Year.

As the scribes continued to sing along with the Choir, the priest picked a wireless microphone to walk through the congregation while singing and then the man stood by the pulpit with the basket.

The unsuspecting excited congregants started putting the money into the basket as the priest moved around blessing people.

Later, He gently moved out of the church and he was later noticed by the ushers who notified one of the church elders who tried to communicate early but the church members where immersed in songs of praises after the priest had blessed the masses.

It was later when people who here meant to attend the second mass mixed up with the one who had accomplished the first service that the church elder came to the pulpit to break the news but it seemed too late.

“Waliwo atute akabbo ka sente kakomyeewo ate wetonde e wa faaza kuba ojjakufuna ebisilaani” loosely translated that someone who has taken the tithe money should bring it back and apologized to the priest to avoid curses but none turned up.

Earlier in the same mass, the priest had preached against selfishness and immorality among Ugandans as he asked them to change in the New Year.

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