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King Saha promises to deal with Bebe Cool personally

After a week of ranting, King Saha has finally ceased fire and apologized to whoever he hurt in the process. He also says that is not his way of handling things.

“I know most people esp’ the fans are not happy with this saga & I apologize coz that has never been my way of handling things,” he emphasized.

He added that Bebecool’s criticism had a lot of hidden intentions which the public will know in the long run.

The ‘Hello hello’ musician also promised to deal with Bebe Cool personally. “So for now, am begging u kindly to Allow me feed u musically as I deal with this f**l personally.”

This comes a day after Saha posted a short video clip in studio recording a song captioning the clip. “Been long without doing some #AfroPop”.

He has also released another song called ‘Sala Pullesa’. Who knows, maybe the Warning in Bebe Cool’s list has gotten him working.

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