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King Michael accuses Promoter Balaam of blocking his appointments with the President

A few months ago, Singer Michael Mugwanya aka King Michael was gifted with 30 cows by President Museveni that were delivered by events promoter Balaam Barugahara. King Micheal was over the moon for receiving the cows and even sung a song thanking the President for the kind gesture.

Being recognized by the President for King Micheal meant that he was getting closer to meeting the President and because he has so many debts, he was ready to talk to talk to him about his Shs130M debts.

“My efforts to meet Presidents Museveni were futile as Promoter Balaam goes behind my back to restrain my appointments and blocks them.”  King Micheal said. He went on and said that it is not Balaam supposed to block his appointments with Musveni but rather Catherine Kusasira because she was appointed by the President.

King Micheal also talked about Balaam’s luck of transparency giving incidences of Balaam being in charge of Late Mowzey Radio’s burial arrangements and after the family came out complaining and then when he handled Jackie Chandiru’s fundraising, it was the same case.

He concluded by asking  the events promoter to let him be as people have been given billions of money but also noted that since he started supporting the President he has only gotten Shs30M that he doesn’t deny and is grateful for.

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