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Ketchup loses self on Big Trill’s ‘Parte after Parte’

The charming Nigerian star, Ketchup, enjoyed his time as he interacted closely with the fans. PHOTOS BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

The Nigerian star, who was in town last Friday to headline an event at Club Guvnor, said the song is the biggest in Africa. He played it over and over before diving into his own music.

We might be almost two weeks into tweny tweny but Big Trill’s hit Parte After Parte is not about to leave us. It is one of the things from 2019 that is haunting not only the party animals but African stars too.

Not long ago, Big Trill returned from Nigeria after sharing a stage with Wizkid who has openly expressed respect for the song. And from the look of things, it is not just Wizkid obsessed with ‘Parte after Parte’.

While in Kampala to headline the Ciroc French Vanilla Night at Club Guvnor last Friday, Nigerian singer Ketchup showed us that he too cannot get enough of the song.

Instead of prioritising on his own songs, Ketchup concentrated all his energies on ‘Parte after Parte’, repeatedly requesting the deejay to play it over and over.

“I want East Africa to know that ‘Parte after Parte’ is the best song in Africa,” he said.

Surprisingly, the revellers were not cheated and the ladies seemed to enjoy every bit of the singer as he whined and showed off his groovy moves. In the end, it all seemed like it was a strategy as it was amid the excitement that Ketchup then switched to his own songs, performing Pam Pam, Mama and Holy Mic. He then sampled songs off his new album.

Bu just when everyone thought it was over, the Nigerian star took to the dance floor and performed his remix of Chips Na Ketchup that he did with Vinka.

Well-known for being an energetic performer, Ketchup lived up to the fans’ expectations, spicing it up a little more taking selfies with them.

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