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Kansiime benched me for so long but I didn’t want- Skylanta 

Anne Kansiime offering pedicure services to her boyfriend Skylanta. PHOTO | ANNE KANSIIME FACEBOOK

Early 2018, comedienne Anne Kansiime let the internet know that she had moved on from her past and got herself a new boyfriend- Tukahirwa Abraham aka Skylanta. 

The two have seen flooded their social media channels with lovie dovie photos of themselves, the latest being a photo of Kansiime cleaning Skylanta’s toenails. ”Beautiful mornings smelling my kantu’s feet as I occasionally sip on lato milk. Shared Blessings indeed,” she said on Instagram. 

While we have followed these two, a story has never been told of how they met. 

In a Q&A on his Youtube channel, Skylanta explained that he had been with Anne Kansiime for quite sometimes before he finally decided she was the one. 

“She was chasing after me for so long and I did not want but I saw her and I said, Anne, the way she looks at me there is something there,” he joked. 

“Anyway, let us be serious now. I think we had spent a long time together when I realised I liked Anne,” he added. 

Sky, as Anne prefers to call him says their love deepened when tabloids began to write about their relationship. 

“…then newspapers started writing a lot of stuff. I was very stressed. I could not manage all that was happening, but in all this, Anne would call me and say be strong Sky,” he says. 

“I did not know that in that strength, something was coming. I do not know when, but I just found myself in love with Anne.” 

Asked what dating the comedienne is like, Sky says it is an examination he faces on a daily basis. 

“Imagine you are doing a mathematics paper every day and on weekends they bring you physics and chemistry.” 

Much as it is challenging, Sky says there is a beautiful side to their relationship. “She challenges me to be better. You know someone you speak with and you see depth in what you speak. There is having a girlfriend who you only talk about when you are going to the club or when she needs hair for the saloon. That is not Ann Kansiime there is something special about her that stands out.” 

He adds that Kansiime is “the most amazing, dumbfounding creature put on earth by the almighty God.”

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