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Judithiana over the moon

It is not every day that people from the BBC reach out to people so we could not help but understand Judithiana’s excitement this week.

The Radiocity presenter had quite a good 2019 ending on her after she officially opened her make-up studio, beautybyjudy, and 2020 seems to be starting off on a good note for her.

“When the people from @bbcafrica reached out to me, they told me how they had seen a clip of me presenting on salon talk…..hence asking me to be a”part of the #thesheword.

It was sooooo exciting! One, because it’s BBC and two, because it was on merit as opposed to a connection. That kind of merit slaps you different. Not trivialising the fact that I have been a low key fan of #thesheword. It was such an honour and pleasure.

I will share the episode as soon as it airs.”Judithiana posted on her Instagram. #TheSheWord is a BBC Africa show where women from different parts of Africa share opinions of different issues. Other Ugandans who have featured on the show include Seanice Kacungira, Joy Biira, Ingrid Nantege  and Anita Fabiola.

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