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John Blaq banned from travelling to USA for 10 years

Makanika’ singer John Kasadha alias John Blaq is once again involved in USA Visa trouble after a promoter turned him in for declaring wrong intentions regarding his travel to USA. According to sources in USA, a promoter only identified as Baker a resident of Houston Texas had hired John Blaq to perform at three concerts in the USA from April 24 to 26th in Boston, Texas and Washington respectively but John Blaq didn’t turn up.

A diaspora source identified as Eddy Mezaya privy to the two parties claimed that Promoter Baker paid John Blaq an agreed Shs5.5m for each show and went ahead to process a visa through another party that charged him Shs2m. John Blaq was consequently granted a visitors’ visa for two years.

“We booked him last year and he asked for $1500 (shs5.5m), we agreed processed the Visa, which he was granted for two years. Immediately he got the Visa he asked that we increased the money because someone else was paying him $2500,” the promoter said in a phone interview.

“On hearing that, we informed the embassy that the singer was traveling here on a visitor’s’ Visa and without a work permit.  We told the embassy that we no longer needed him and his Visa was revoked. I dare him to come and counter this claim and I will buy his ticket on first class,” he added.

To prepare for John Blaqs show, promoter Baker said they hired halls for the event at $2500, nonrefundable fee only to hear that the artiste had changed his mind. It is reported that the singer had been persuaded by another group running an event called UDCATE (Uganda Diaspora Culture and Tourism Event), which is organized by former UNAA president Monday Atigo.

When we reached John Blaq for a comment, he said he was so sleepy and would get back to us after resting.

Mr. Atigo who just ended his second term as UNAA President started a new organization after his four-year reign with the organization came to a close. He is scheduled to join the crowded Convention market by competing on Memorial Day weekend at the end of May. That weekend already has two Bi – annual cultural Conventions (BBNAC – Buganda Bumu Convention and Twegaitte International (Basoga Convention).

The newly elected UNAA President has her work cut out, another group that’s unhappy with the 2019 elections in Chicago and with People Power ties plans also to break away from UNAA and organize a protest convention in Boston. UNAA already is locked in a battle for supremacy with arch nemesis UNAA Causes that’s holding it’s Uganda Festival in Miami from Sept 3rd – 7th this year.

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