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John Blaq refutes allegations that he was slapped with a travel ban

Singer John Kasaadha alias John Blaq has lately been in the news over allegations that he was banned from traveling to the US over unclear circumstances. Well, John Blaq decided to respond to these allegations and in a press conference at Rock bar, he asked all his fans in the US not to worry because he was not banned but he rather had his VISA canceled because he failed to agree with the promoter.

John Blaq says the promoter whom he referred to as Baker went to the Embassy because he failed to agree with John Blaq over the amount of money he was to be paid for the shows. John Blaq agreed that he had spoken with the promoter about the shows but went on to say he was booked last year but with no commitment fee so they just had a gentleman’s agreement.

However, in due course, the singer got a serious promoter who was offering more and in the business sense, he had to grab the deal. It is after the news fell into promoter Baker’s ears that he ran to the embassy and had the VISA canceled because it was initially based on Baker’s invitation.

The ‘Tukwatagane’ singer went ahead and dared promoter Baker to bring a signed contract indicating that he had booked and paid him for the shows or show a drop that he recorded to confirm his attendance because usually promoters abroad the moment they pay an artiste to perform at a show, they ask for the drop to start promoting the show.

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