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Instrumentalist Migadde to go indigenous at his debut album launch

Aloysious Migadde

Aloysius Migadde, an instrumentalist and ethno-artist has his concert at Alliance Francaise Kampala.

At the concert, he will launch his new albums whose themes surround celebrating the Ugandan sound as it was known to our forefathers. 

Though he’s a guitarist, Migadde has mastered the art of manipulating it to produce sounds such as a tube fiddle and bow harp. This he does with backing chants and folklore.

Migadde has in the past played with artistes such as Suzan Kerunen, Kenneth Mugabi and Happy Kyazze.

He has played at a number of music events and festivals such as; Rondalla Plucked Strings Music Festival, Yilan International Arts Festival, Umoja Cultural Flying Carpet, Jazz Safari 2018, Soul Safari 2018, Kirk Whalum Rotary Fundraising 2019.  

He has also featured at Bayimba, Doadoa, Nyegenyege Festival, Fete De LA Music, Burundi, Yella Festival, Blankets and Wine. 

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