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“I’m not revoking my statements about Saha”- Bebe Cool

One thing about Bebe Cool is that he always speaks his mind. He will say it as it is and in most cases, his bold statements tend to offend many just like how King Saha was offended when he said he should stop taking drugs or else a car wash will be organized for him.

Despite Saha not taking the statements lightly, Bebe Cool still insists that the former Leone Island musician needs help or else will end up like Jackie Chandiru. Bebe Cool claims he only offered good advice to King Saha and never knew that he would be offended.

“I can’t waste my time replying King Saha. What I said is right Saha does drugs but if he decided to take my advice as an insult let it be. Soon he will be like Jackie Chandiru and those who are supporting him to abuse me will laugh at him”, Bebe said.

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