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I was not deported from Uganda- Chaka Chaka 

South African music legend Yvonne Chaka Chaka performs in Kampala in March 2016.PHOTOS BY EDDIE CHICCO

Legendary South African Artist Yvonne Chaka Chaka who was supposed to perform at Enkuuka Y’omwaka yesterday has refuted police reports that she was deported from Uganda. 

Prior to her performance yesterday, Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga announced that Chaka Chaka had been deported from Uganda over acquiring a wrong visa. 

However, in a video on her Twitter handle, Chaka Chaka said she had not been deported, arrested, or captured while in Uganda. 

“I just want to set the record straight, as you can see I am here, all is well. I took a decision not to appear at Enkuuka because there were too many things that I could not understand or explain. If somebody had explained to me, I really would have understood. But not deported, not arrested, not captured, Everything is fine, everything is in order, I know my country is worried, and my people are worried, my husband is worried, everybody is worried, but I am fine, look, this is me, I am fine,” she said. 

In a later tweet, she reacted to the stories about her deportation, “After reading all this I don’t know if I should just laugh or cry. All I am asking for is pls stop hate speech and fake news. What is this world coming to?”

She further assured Ugandans that she would be back to perform. “I can assure you. I will come back to Uganda and perform. This is my motherland.” 

“If I was deported would they buy me a business class ticket? Nooooo they just put u on the plane. So now you know.”

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