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Hamza Ssebunya was on a government scholarship 

Following his graduation from Makerere University on Tuesday, fans claimed it was his wife Rema who paid Hamza Sebunya’s tuition. 

The claims sort of confirmed the rumours that Rema makes much more money than he did. 

But the fresh Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery graduate has proved everyone wrong. He says he was been pursuing his studies on a government scholarship. 

“I was never stressed about tuition because I‘ve been on government scholarship so my only responsibility was to be available for my classes and clinical days,” said Ssebunya. 

“My biggest challenges were in terms of accommodating both my social and school but I had a day planner and I managed,” he added.

Sebunya graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Makerere University yesterday. His wife, singer Rema Namakula was there all the way.

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