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Hamza hawks tables for Rema’s show

As we countdown to Valentine’s Day, the Ssebunyas continue to throw their love in our faces with their endless PDA.

And just as we recover from that pompous graduation party Rema Namakula threw for her now doctor husband, Hamza is returning the favour by hawking tickets to his wife’s concert.

It is said Hamza started by hawking the tickets among his doctor friends and lecturers and now to his patients. From what we heard, he approaches with table offers before the VIP tickets and when all that fails, he then resorts to ordinary tickets.

“My dear friends and family thank you for loving us, I am humbly requesting all of you to come out in big numbers and support us,” Hamza posted on his social media. Well, with Valentine’s Day being a busy season, somebody has to go all out!

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