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Freedom city ghosts still haunt Big Eye

Friday 17th January 2020 will forever remain in Spice Diana’s memory after she made history at Freedom city by getting one of the biggest crowds ever for a concert at the venue but it is also the day artiste Big Eye will never forget for a totally different reason.

It was the day he was pelted with bottles and the memories even after a week a still fresh in his mind and are seriously haunting him. He says he still has nightmares on this day and can barely get some sleep.

“Ever since that freedom city incident of bottles, whenever I sleep I dream about stage stuff. I don’t know what happened to me,” narrated Big Eye on his social media platform.

Because of this incident, Big Eye put all his stage performances on hold until further notice but promised to only perform on NRM events.

He is however not the first artiste to put a hold on performances as Bebe Cool also put a hold on  performances two years back after he was pelted with bottles at cricket oval.

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