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Could Chameleon be throwing jibes at Salvador and Big Eye for meeting Museveni?

Jose Chameleone


It looks like Salvador’s meeting with the president has displeased a lot of people. The comedian had a meeting with the president on Friday, a thing he had openly said two years back during Bebe Cool’s Golden Heart concert where he was the emcee.

His wish was made possible by Balaam Barugahara who took him to Nakasero alongside Big Eye where they met the big man and just like many who get the chance, Salvado, threw praises at the president. “It was a great honour to meet the president. The man is wise regardless of what you say, I think I’m learned enough to know that,” were some of the statements he made.

Patrick Salvador Idringi poses for a photo with President Museveni. PPU PHOTO

The self-proclaimed Man from Ombokolo was however insulted by most of his fans, who said he went there for the money.

Among the people who were not pleased is musician Jose Chameleon who earlier today posted a photo while on the plane and captioned it ‘Today’s generation, Even beggars have a choice!!! Sometimes it’s good to keep your opinion.” Implying that they should have said nothing and ate whatever they ate without letting the public know of their meeting.

Chameleon was also in the same situation a few years ago when he was among the musicians who met the president a number of times most notably during the Tubonga nawe days.

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