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Comedy store taps into new year blessings through charity 

The comedy store outfit have decided to tap into the New Year’s blessings by donating to charity.

The team, led by Director Alex Muhangi yesterday donated basic items and cash to Katalemwa Cheshire Rehabilitation Home, which supports children with special needs in the wake of their half-century since its establishment.

They visited the rehabilitation centre situated in Mpererwe and made a donation of food items such as beans, rice, posho, sugar, cooking oil, as well as other basic household items such as detergents.

Muhangi and his team were received by Samali Matovu, the Executive Director of the Center who guided them on a tour of the facility. They visited the departments of physiotherapy, orthopaedics, occupational therapy, speech, and language, as well as workshops.

“I would love to appreciate very much the Management of Katalemwa. As Comedy Store, we reached out and felt it was important to come and see the work you do here, and support in whichever way possible,” Muhangi remarked before he commended the management for their work done towards the children.

According to the Director, Samalie Matovu, Katalemwa helps serves over 15,000 children both at the centre and in the community throughout the year.

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