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Chosen Becky buys father a motorcycle, plans to build him a church 

Singer Chosen Becky has gifted her father a motorcycle to ease his pastoral work with the church. 

In a video on Denis Duke YouTube Channel, Becky said her father has been ridiculed for riding a bicycle to his different missions. 

“My father has been riding a bicycle for a long time and people would despise him. They would tell him, look at the father of a celebrity riding a bicycle. So he would call me and tell me how people are abusing him for riding a bicycle,” Becky said. 

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She also revealed that the money she used to buy the motorcycle was a donation from a well-wisher. 

“When I did an interview with Bukedde and said my father had asked me to buy him a motorcycle, there is a lady called Annette based in London who sent me Shs4.5 million and I bought my dad a motorcycle,’ she said. 

“My father has now put more strength in his pastoral work and preaching the word of God. He is now on another level. I am now praying for God to help me get a breakthrough, I want to buy him a sound system and get him a permanent location where he can do his work. Pastoral work is good, but he is now an old man and he gets tired.” 

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