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Cheating is immature and disgusting – Mun G

Mum G with his fiancé Clara and their son

Society has always looked at artistes in some kind of way to the extent that some parents don’t find it okay for their children to make a career out of music something that is changing slowly. Some people think musicians are crooks locally translated as “bayaye” while others think that they are womanizers and cheats when it comes to relationships. Well for some this may be true but not for all artistes.

Singer Mun G is not included among the few that play around with women. At least he hasn’t been involved in any scandals whatsoever and this confidence might be what he based on to condemn other people and artistes who sleep around.

Through his social media, the ‘Igwe’ musician said that he doesn’t cheat because it’s immature and disgusting but mainly because of his endless love for his baby maama.  

I don’t cheat not because I can’t, And I don’t stay Loyal because I am, but I don’t wanna be the reason that Clara stops believing in love, I don’t want her to stay awake at night crying because of me, I don’t want to turn someone’s child into a laughing stock,” he said.

The former Baboon Forest entertainment musician added that he’s not saying this because he’s perfect but realized that at his age cheating is immature and disgusting.

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