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Chameleone ‘chases’ John Blaq off stage

Singer Jose Chameleone

For the past three years, Jose Chameleone has been one of the top artistes that ushered revellers into the New Year at Sheraton Kampala Hotel but 2020 was almost going to be different. At the New Year’s show headlined by Kanda Bongo Man, there were other local artistes performing, including Eddy Kenzo, Bebe Cool, John Blaq and Jose Chameleone.

After Bebe Cool, Kenzo came next but his performance was longer than expected – he was on stage for an hour. Meanwhile, Chameleone was backstage warming up when John Blaq came on stage and just after three songs, we saw Robert Nkuke Mutima, Chameleone’s manager come on stage and whisper to John Blaq to wrap up his performance.

Two minutes later, we saw him indicate to the DJ to level up. Next thing we saw was Chameleone flying onto stage. Bambi ka Blaq!

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