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Chaka Demus and Pliers replaced by Harmonize

A few days ago, we got a tip that legendary Jamaican duo Chaka Demus and Pliers were returning to Uganda after more than a decade to perform at Patrick Salvado’s Africa Laughs show happening on Valentine’s Day at Kololo Áirstrip but unfortunately that will not be happening anymore.

From what we hear, one part of the duo was advised to take bed rest after a long illness. Ánd with the show happening in less than three weeks, Salvado teamed up with Aly Alibhai and they decided on Harmonize a deal that was sealed in just one hour. How was this possible?

Apparently Alibhai is Harmonize’s booking agent so it did not take long convincing the Tanzanian artiste. “Valentine’s Day being one of those busy days for artistes in Harmonize’s callibre, I didn’t believe it coz I thought he would be booked already but Aly did magic,” said Salvado.

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