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Big Trill: The man of the year

Big Trill

Like wow! Big Trill has blown off the lead to continental stardom. Who would have imagined at the beginning of the year that the often underrated rapper would easily be the break out star of 2019?

It has been a mye year for local music with lots of good songs but few memorable ones. Apart from Gutujja (Rema&B2C), Boom Party (Cindy), Sweet Sensation (Sheebah), Wire Wire (Bebe Cool), Sunday (Toniks) and then the monster, Parte After Parte, the music scene has been relatively quiet.

Uganda is still awash with entertainment though. There are more comedians than ever. The ‘professional’ ones are everywhere, in every spot.

The jokes are so regurgitated that you start to believe they are true. My bank account is the most believable joke if you asked me. How entertaining!

And then the unconventional ones like the politicians who make this country one big joke with their gaffes. We laugh at others, each other, our woes, literally everything is funny. One thing you must love about the entertainment scene in Uganda is that there is no format.

Your madness, weirdness or anything wrong about you could be your first-class ticket to fame. There are no rules or manual books on these streets. Keep poking people’s business with your madness and somehow they will burge. Ugandans are receptive, sometimes stubborn but when they open, they do OPEN.

So Big Trill is finally a star after so many years of grassing. A novice under the Baboon Forest imprint which had the legendary GNL Zamba and Mun*G, we kind of got used to having him as just another rapper out there.

A talented lyricist who continued to release songs in English that never really won him favours with the kidandali-crazed Ugandan fanbase.

So many years on the sidelines and then sudedenly 2019 sees him as a continental star with his Parte After Parte jam. Kenyans took it after Nyege Nyege and rinsed it dry. Zambians picked the crumbs, the Nigerians looked for a way to claim it as their own.

Big Nigerian artistes tweeted about it, and then the icing; Cardi B and her hubby Offset have recently jumped onto the craze. And just like that, Big Trill has achieved something many of his more established counterparts have failed to accomplish. And from what? A bizarre interview featuring Pastor Sempa making a mess of himself on TV with those repeated words.

This music thing is mad crazy and unpredictable, I tell you. If I were Trizzy, I would not settle. Pounce on this fame. This guy should be on a plane to seal all those collabos, remixes and endorsements. I hope his management is vigilant enough to get all this done. He needs to milk this success to the last drop.

I have never been a fan of the word ‘luck’ but if there was ever such a thing, it should find you prepared to receive it. That should involve right attitude and all. Guys shoot your shot till you cannot anymore. The testimonies keep telling themselves.

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