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Big Eye rushed to clinic after being pelted with bottles

Artiste Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye was last night admitted in a clinic on Entebbe road after he lost consciousness while being whisked off stage. The artiste had gone to perform at Freedom City during Spice Diana’s concert but immediately he set foot on stage, revelers started pelting him with bottles. It took the intervention of bouncers to save him from the ruthlessness of the crowd.

It is said that he fainted as he was being rushed off the stage. The announcement was made on his official page which alerted his fans the singer’s condition. The administrator of his Facebook page posted about Big Eye’s condition noting that he had fainted and had been rushed to a nearby clinic on Entebbe road. He asked for his fans to pray for him saying he was not in a good condition.

It was later through the page said that after doctors examining him, the major problem was that his pressure had risen.

This is the second time Big Eye is going through the same after an incident. Earlier this month at Uganda Museum he was pelted with bottles the moment he stepped on stage to perform. It is believed he receives this treatment because of his affiliation to the ruling party.

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