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Bebe Cool to meet Rio Ferdinand

Bebe Cool and Rio Ferdinand

Bebe Cool is an ardent soccer fan and although his loyalty has always been to Arsenal Football Club, it will not hurt for him to meet one of the football legends from a rival club. From what we have heard, the Gagamel boss will be travelling to Nigeria for the Guinness Night Football Pan African extravaganza.

And he will not just perform, but also play with former Manchester United defender. We have also established that Bebe has bagged around $50,000 (about Shs180m) for this three-day gig. The ‘Wire Wire’ singer will travel with Uganda’s representatives Solomon Walter Muleyi, Ahmed Kassa and Andrew Elochu Asiimwe who all won to be part of the programme.

Other people expected to perform is Kenya’s Sauti Sol, Cameroon’s Salatiel and other artistes from Nigeria.

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